5 Tips to Make Your Job Search Easy and Simple in Singapore

5 Tips to Make your Job Search Easy and Simple in Singapore

A hot favorite destination for young professionals to pursue their career in Singapore. With the minimal cost of living, modern infrastructure and facilities, no tax deduction and high salary packages, Singapore is a dream place for many, especially the expat’s professionals. However, if you are a Fresh graduate from another country and you want to pursue a career in Singapore, you will have to follow a proper job search strategy.

Tips to Make your Job Search Easy and Simple in Singapore

Following is a guide to help you find a good job in Singapore if you are living in another country. Make your job search easy and simple.

1. Are you eligible to work in Singapore?

Before starting your job search, it is better to make sure whether you are eligible to work in Singapore or not. The reason being, some different kinds of permits are followed in the country based on your qualifications.

It is better to do an online self-assessment using a tool by the name of “SmArt”, published by the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore to check your eligibility. This gives you a rough idea whether you are eligible to work in Singapore or not but should not be considered as the full and final guarantee.

2. Choose an industry which is thriving

There are many market domains in Singapore but there are some, which are stronger and popular than the others. Make your job search in such a way that your qualification is suitable to apply for the jobs in the industries which are successful and still surviving.

As a Fresh candidate, you can search for jobs in the popular industries in Singapore like banking and finance, IT, digital marketing, tourism, hospitality, services, human resources, etc.

3. Get to know the common employment practices in the country

Before committing to a job and work-life in Singapore, it’s better to find out whether the most common employment practices in organizations are suitable for your lifestyle or not. As you will be coming from another country to settle down in a place which is new to you, get information related to pay, skill training, holidays, leaves, hours of working, contractual or permanent, and many more.

Your job search should include all these factors. Thankfully, you can check out the comprehensive list of employment resources published by the Ministry of Manpower for this.

4. Search online, connect with employment agencies and meet people

The first best option for a job search in Singapore is to search for jobs online in various job portals. It is advisable to look for jobs in the job portals specific to the country like as Best Jobs, Monster Singapore,, Jobs Central, Job Street, etc. The next best option is to connect with employment agencies based in Singapore or in the home country that deals with jobs in Singapore.

A recruiting agency can help you to improve your CV, cover letter and interview preparations as well. Plus, agencies are directly connected to employers, thus making your job search easier. And of course, expand your network and meet people from all industry domains. Approach them for jobs in Singapore.

5. Work visa

Once you get your dream job through a proper job search strategy in your home country, the next step is to apply for a work visa. Remember, you can apply for a work visa only when you have a job because you need to mention the company details and salary structure in the visa form.

Applying for your visa is actually one of the last steps to take. But, being a multicultural city that’s home to many expats, getting a work visa is easy in Singapore.

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