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Decorating Your Newborn Baby’s Room? Here are Things You Wish You’d Known

At last, you’re bringing your baby home! Of course, you want to bring a newborn baby into a room that radiates all the love and warmth you have for him/her. The first and major expression of love for your baby is decorating your newborn baby’s bedroom since most parents start doing it already before birth. As great parents, you don’t want the room to be plain or just a functional nursery. You want it to be the place for your earliest memories with your kid that you’ll bring with you for a lifetime. 

When it comes to decorating your baby’s bedroom, there are numerous important things to consider aside from turning it to a beautiful and amazing nursery. If you are stressing out, here’s our helpful tips parents today wish they’d known before decorating their nurseries. 


Utilize Bold Colours and Patterns 

The colour of the walls will determine the overall look of the room. The walls of the room may be painted with neutral colours that are calm, soft greys, creamy yellow, and light blue. You may also create a theme in the room which makes it more inspiring and full of love. Using a wallpaper may be worth considering if you’re looking to create a baby’s room with a lot of personalities. 

You should also take note that you have to paint your little baby’s room at least two months before birth, also use an eco-friendly paint that is low in volatile organic compounds (VOC). 


Correctly Choose Your Furniture

The furniture that you will pick will be the foundation for the decor of the restroom, so make sure that you choose something functional and also comfortable. Although babies do not require a lot of furniture, there are some things which you certainly need: a changing table, a crib, and a comfortable seat where you can feed and cuddle the baby. As you are choosing the baby’s crib, make sure that you can provide a comfortable sleeping environment. You need to buy a simple and comfortable folding crib since your child outgrows these baby stuff and you would need to replace them. 

Opt for modular furniture that your baby can use beyond the first year or you can just make some changes for further use. Plenty of crib styles today change into children’s beds, so go for the one that can be utilized in the future as well. 


Keep Away From Clutter 

Remember that you’ll be carrying your baby back and forth in the middle of the night and a misplaced toy, chair, book or other stuff can be cruel to trip over when you don’t even know it. On this situation, make sure you have plenty of functional storage space so you have easy places to keep things when you’re done using them, instead of having them scattered on the floor. 


Everything You Need Must Be Within Easy Reach 

Think about diapers, wipes, laundry hamper, changing table covers, poop bucket, burp cloths, pacifier etc. The last thing you want to do is steer away from the baby and risk him rolling off because you need to get some wipes to get rid of his poop. So think about that. 


You Must Not be Afraid of the Dark 

It’s important to make sure that the lighting in your nursery can stimulate nighttime anytime. This can mean that a heavy curtain or window shade can be used to mimic the dark when it’s time for a nap during the day. Babies are also smart, they know that bright light means party time and they don’t want to miss whatever the fun is being had. But if it’s dark, it means bedtime and their eyes can get droopy when the lights go out. Give yourself the option to fake darkness and all of you will rest easier. 


Add Touches From People Who Cherish and Love Them

Since most of you live away from your friends and family, your baby will appreciate other elements that bring your loved ones into the baby’s room. We are not recommending that every antique relic should be placed in the room if someone bestows upon you their stuff. Of course, they need to make the cut, but from the people who understand and know your taste, incorporating them into the decor can add even more warmth and love into space. If anything else fails, seek professional help from a new home builder to help you out! 


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