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umrah packages

The world’s population contains 24% Muslims as of today. With approximately 1.8 billion Muslims, it’s a given that a system has to be set up in order to help them meet their obligations. Other than praying five times a day and giving zakat, Muslims also have to perform Umrah.

While Hajj is not obligatory and should be performed by only those Muslims who can afford it, Umrah is a responsibility for all believers. That has also kick-started the Umrah industry all over the world. With 1.8 billion customers, it’s not surprising to know that the industry is only expanding.

There are more and more companies joining the team each year and the competition has toughened. The competition referred here is the ability of these companies to attract customers.

In order to do so, many companies offer Umrah packages that can be availed easily without going through any sort of financial struggle. Individuals often opt for loans but that does not have to be your only option to complete your obligation. Looking for a company that comes with a good repute will take you a long way.

A company that prioritizes the comfort and needs of their customers should be your priority. That way you can save yourself from becoming a victim of a scam since there are many companies that use this opportunity to exploit pilgrims.

umrah packages

Umrah Packages

When you are finding a good Umrah package to travel to the country of Saudi Arabia, the first part of your research should be finding the right season. A busy season will rarely help you come across any Umrah package that is affordable. One such season that is always at peak is the month of Ramadan.

Pilgrims from all over the globe wish to spend time in the city of Makkah to make the best out of the holy month and prices reach the rooftop. Once you find out a time which is not busy, you can start looking for Umrah packages. When you study these packages, you should keep in mind the number of days you want to stay and the type of hotel you want to stay in.

The prices mainly depend on these two characteristics. However, some deals even let you stay in a five-star hotel at the cheapest price. For instance, you can stay for 7 days, 10 days and even 14 days. The deal you choose will cover the cost of your airline, traveling inside the city, any medical assistance and so on.

Getting Umrah Visa

Once you locate the package you want, the next step is getting your Umrah visa. Most companies have agents that help you out with the procedure however, you might have to go to the embassy yourself to fill out the application and provide your documents.

Once you get the approval and you have purchased your package, you will be set to travel.

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