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travel guide to india

You at first hand might say India is from one of the excessive countries who has exceptional tourist spots to enamore of. Stunning landmarks like The Taj Mahal, Sundarban West Bengal, Hall of Thousand Pillars and many other varying sites. The fact that tourism brought 9.2% to Indian GDP in 2018. The thing which matters here is that India’s government, from a little while back has been spending public taxes and as well as private funds on the tourism industry. While in practical terms, it has been building some of the representation by carving sculptures and figures to add the cause further to dote on, in the land. Today we will be deliberating about travel guide to india. What India has for tourists in exception to new known spots.

The Centre of the earth

The sculpture of a Jatayu bird stands at an altitude of 1200ft above sea level. Where, the bird Jatayu is lying on its back where only the wings of the birds make up the measure of 150ft further its feathers extend to 200ft. Jatayu Nature Park is the world’s most significant bird figure built-in Chadayamangalam in Kollam district of Kerala. The most exciting thing about this carving statue is that it is 100% privately funded without an ounce of public taxes. Another compulsive future of this sculpture is that it is called nature park, which means an entire forest was made in its surroundings, Chadayamangalam instead of removing the greenery. Over and above that there is the most enthralling concept about this sculpture, which is the change of its colours which keeps changing by the direction of sunrise and sun fall.

Statue of unity

Millions of the world population go to visit the statue of liberty. But the thing of awe here is that the Indian government has sculptured another figure which is almost four times taller than that of the statue of the freedom from the United States as in terms of numbers it makes up 597ft and whereas the statue of liberty is 152ft. The figure on top of that defeats the Temple Buddha in Henan. Which, before the statue of unity was the tallest statue in the world staggering at the height of 420ft tall. The statue represents the Iron Man of India, the first deputy PM whose statue has put in the necessary form of sculpture, showing the world the charms of bravery and resoluteness used by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in merging various principalities. While visiting here for tourists they can opt for Air Charter Services, helicopter charters, and for pinchbeck there are safaris.


Kerala is a city-state situated on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India. Kerala is a hub of ecotourism. The land of Kerala comprises approximately 600km of Arabian Sea shoreline. The region is most famous for palm trees, coconut trees, gardens bearing spices, that’s why people call it the land of trees. And sometimes people use the word as God’s Own Country. The state Kerala has further tropical landmarks both as human-made and natural the most substantial human-made monument is Willingdon Island which departs backwater boat tours and ferry trips here the matter becomes too good to be true for Cargo Charter from the mainland.


India gives varying options to its tourists to make a trip in the land beyond the Indus. All in all, the area of India is as pretty as a picture, it’s an abode of various landmarks.

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