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Marble is the lavish hard flooring. With good design, this floor gives freshness to the mind and heart. Marble gives a cool feel to your feet. This is best for warm weather areas. But if you are living in cold weather or a place where the humidity level is usually high you shall carpet some area of your floor. Otherwise, the perspiration may cause slick and the cold may cause flu. If you want to avoid carpet in your area you may use the small size of it.

The small and free piece of carpet may float on marble glassy floor from one place to another with part of your foot. It’s better to attach it to the floor. The attaching agent maybe is a glue, adhesive tape or nailing.  The other important ingredient of carpet fit for marble floor is its padding. For attaching carpet with the floor there comes a backing and padding lining as the meeting place.

Experts call a small carpet to piece of carpet which is under 4ft x 6ft.  Pad of carpet allows it to grip the surface of the marble floor. For protecting your carpet and marble floor dwindling natural rubber pads are highly appreciated. Synthetic adhesives and glues can stain the floor due to its stickiness. This is a safe and natural way. Padding with this texture gives carpet rug and carpet cleaning more softness and grip power. It gives the feel of the cushion. It is an actual durable product.

Per square yard rubber pad costs a pond of natural rubber to nature and few dollars to you. Carpet professionals suggest Super Lock Natural rubber pad for your carpet. The reasons are that it has the maximum grip quality and it bears the high traffic without wearing out soon or slipping frequently.

Its pattern is like a waffle. The net of waffle allows air to pass through fibers of carpet and floor. This gives a fluffy and comfortable floor cushion like facility. In spite of its cushion-like soft feel it is thin in real.  The door can be easily open upon it and it also prevents dangers of tripping and falling is ouch to fall on a hard marble floor.

Another option for small carpet padding for marble floor is Nature’s Grip padding. It is a cheap but plusher choice in high traffic areas. This is ecofriendly and is an assortment of organic jute fibers and natural rubber. This pad is handwoven. It is the most stable carpet with good floor protection qualities.

For thicker padding you may choose a Contour Lock product. It is 1/8 inch thick with the moderate show of cushion but it is nit bulky to that extent. Its thickness makes it easy to vacuum and clean it. It protects the marble floor and does not let dust touch the floor. It is a recycled product of rubber. It is known for its eco-friendly properties with 15 years warranty.

These paddings of your small carpet make them best for your marble floor without using adhesives, tapes, and glue.

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