Top 5 Best Selling Wet Grinder in India

Wet Grinder in India

In any south Indian kitchen, wet grinders are the most important appliance. Wet grinders are a great help as they help to reduce arm strain, work, and time consumed to make the batter. If you want to eat fluffy and healthy south Indian food, then these grinders are a perfect choice. Normal mixer grinders easily heat up, and that is not good for health. However, wet grinders do not heat up as they have grinding stones to keep the items in it cool. There are numerous wet grinders available in the Indian market, so let’s see some of the best brands that produce excellent wet grinders in India

Elgi Ultra wet grinder 

For many years Elgi ultra-limited has been producing reliable appliances for the customers. You can rely on the Elgi ultra grinder as the appliances they produce are sturdy and strong. This product has been earning consumers’ trust since 1992. However, this grinder is not suitable for heavy load work. The 2-liter drum helps you to grind a large batch of items in one run. The drum is made up of superior steel that is long-lasting. 

Butterfly wet grinder 

The butterfly is a popular wet grinder brand in India. The product range is huge, and it is also considered as a trustworthy brand. The tabletop wet grinder model is famous due to its four-way grinding. The product is versatile as it also comes with attachments to scrap coconuts and a dough kneader. The overload sensor feature protects and reports if any abnormalities occur. 

Panasonic wet grinder 

Panasonic is a well-known brand across India. This brand is popular for its good quality kitchen appliances. There are lots of advanced features available in the product such as speed settings, lock safety, HTD belt, and inlet lid. The drum is made up of stainless steel with ABS plastic body. The machine does not heat up as there are vents available that cool the motor. 

Sowrna Lakshmi wet grinder 

In most of the commercial kitchens in India, the Sowrna Lakshmi is the popularly used grinder. The robust build is the main reason for many professionals to choose this wet grinder. The two grinding stones help in smooth and efficient grinding. Even though the body is built with ABS plastic, it is long-lasting. The machine doesn’t heat up as there are no metal materials. Some of the added features of the machine are high performance, top protector, induction motor, and other added accessories that are also available with it. 

Bajaj wet grinders 

This legacy brand has been in business for many years and has earned the trust of customers. The grinder is suitable for small to large families. The 2-liter stainless steel drum of the grinder is highly durable. The polycarbonate lid can help to monitor the grinding process. The ultra-power motor helps in a smooth and perfect grinding. The grinder is also easy to clean and maintain. 

These above mentioned wet grinder brands are the most popular and reliable manufacturers in India. This handpicked collection of brands sells the best-wet grinders in India.

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