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Top 7 Kitchen Renovation Blunders You Must Avoid!

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Kitchen renovation requires proper planning and can be very taxing and inundating. You can easily make mistakes because there are many choices and many decisions to make. This post highlights a few costly blunders that homeowners should avoid when undertaking their kitchen renovation project.

1. Fixing a Strict Deadline

Setting a strict deadline for your kitchen renovation project is not at all recommended. For instance, Christmas may be approaching and you want your new kitchen to be ready before it. A strict deadline will not only leave you stressed but also your contractors may feel rushed up, which may lead to costly mistakes. Besides, unexpected circumstances may also cause delays. Therefore, to eliminate disappointments, it’s best if you refrain from making strict deadlines.

2. Not Considering the Kitchen Renovation Workflow

You’re renovating your kitchen so that it becomes more functional and attractive. Isn’t it? But if you don’t consider creating your new kitchen with the proper workflow, then you end up getting a kitchen that’s not efficient. For example, if you install your benchtop on one side of your kitchen and position your kitchen sink on the other side, then you’ll have to spend considerably more time going back and forth between the two areas than you should.

3. Not Considering Decent Storage

Decent storage space is vital for your new kitchen. When you fail to take into account a respectable storage space in your kitchen, then you’ll not get a functional and resourceful kitchen. Thus, you need to make a list of all things that require storage space in your kitchen including your cooking utensils, pots, and pans, dishes, cutlery, appliances, storing jars and tins, etc. Besides, add some extra draws and shelves to ensure you have decent storage in your kitchen. If your current kitchen has the pantry space then have it redesigned to make it more resourceful.

4. Following the Trend

If you renovate your kitchen according to the current trend, then a few years down the line, you may feel the need to renovate your kitchen again. So, it’s wise not to follow the current trend instead, choose an inspiring contemporary kitchen design that will look relevant for decades such as country kitchens, hamptons kitchens, small kitchens, U shaped modern kitchens, shaker style kitchens, black & white kitchens, and handleless kitchens, etc.

5. Not Hiring A Professional

Well, taking up the kitchen design project all by yourself will give you a sense of fulfilment, as well as, save you substantial money on contractor costs. Nonetheless, if you don’t have the proper experience, perhaps you may not be able to end the design work at a satisfactory standard and may have to fix mistakes that may cost you more.

Nevertheless, if you’re keen to do some or all the steps involved in the kitchen renovation by yourself, then you need to consult a professional for kitchen design in Melbourne, as he or she is well-acquainted with the design features, technology and about the latest products, and can offer you valuable advice.

6. Not Hiring the Right Contractor

If a contractor gives you a very tempting quote then be cautious as they may add extra costs later, or they may do a substandard job. That’s why it’s important to get referrals from contractors and talk to their previous clients regarding their design experience. Furthermore, be very specific with your contractor for what you want carrying out for your kitchen design and request for a complete breakdown of costs, so you know all things are taken care of and thus, remain worry-free from getting any big surprises down the line.

7. Blowing Away Your Budget

When planning your kitchen design or renovation, it’s easy to get carried away, so it’s imperative not to blow your budget away. Not sure concerning a kitchen design budget? Well, depending on what materials you choose, what you want to accomplish, and the size of your kitchen — typically, a kitchen design cost will range between $13,000 and $49,000. Thus, it’s paramount to talk with your kitchen designer and builder concerning what you want to achieve — take their invaluable advice as to what materials and Quartz countertops will suit your kitchen and serve you for many years, as well as, fit your budget.

Moreover, it’s good to allot around 10% of your budget to a contingency fund for any last-minute expenses. Renovations are quite stressful and you don’t want to get anxious obtaining last-minute funds for your renovation.

The Bottom Line

It can get very taxing to plan for a kitchen design or renovation project. Thus, it’s vital to select the right kitchen design company that manages all areas of kitchen renovation on your behalf.

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